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together making love, forever making you smile~♥

even if I lived a thousand years.

リヤン ♥

yongwonhi happy together ♥

Lee Rian in the near future ;; 25th of May is her birthday ;; The twins is her star sign ;; B in blood type ;; Doesn't want to reveal her real age ;; Nursing student, and her course is killing the heck out of her ;; Is an alien to everyone and she's proud of it.

FANGIRLING && BULLYING is her life ;; Loves stalking others and being stalked, but take note :: SHE'S CHOOSY ;; Enjoys annoying people, kills people who annoy the hell out of her ;; Basketball && music are her first love ;; Soundtripping ++ daydreaming are her favorite past time ;; Optimistic, straight-forward and nocturnal most of the time ;; Is in the process of changing for the betterment of the world, lol.

Jpop + Kpop is her type of music ;; JE destroyed her life ;; Hey! Say! JUMP tortured her poor soul ;; Super Junior touched her heart and is very proud of them ;; Big Bang, DBSK, SHINee and 2PM are the next big thing ;; Yamajima and Akame's friendship broke her heart ;; 山田 was someone, 예성 and 김기범 snatched her but 온유 really captured her heart ;; Thinks Lee Seunggi and Boys Generation singing && dancing to Gee & Genie is priceless ;; Sarahchul, Hanchul, Yebum, Eunhae and KhunHo never fail to make her go nuts ;; Loves seeing too much member-ai among SuJu members ;; Is willing to fight for certain people.

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